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Born and raised in Romania, I started this blog as a passion/side project back in 2013. Since then, it has grown tremendously and has helped many people move to Romania or find the best spots to visit. Hopefully it will be even more useful from now on, as I constantly add new articles about this beautiful country, as well as keep the older ones up to date.

I Am a Dad Now & Back to Blogging

It's been a very quiet month here at Romania Experience and the biggest reason for this radio silence is the arrival of my first child into this world.

Why Going to the Gym Is Better than Working Out & Exercising at Home

This type of subject is and will probably always be a tricky one: which is better? Going to the gym or working out at home or jogging? And I don't have the...

May Spendings Review: It’s a Disaster!

My first month of budget watching has ended and I am extremely excited about this. It's the first time when I have written down all the spendings to the last cent and...

Saving Money Is a Real Challenge When You’re Self Employed (in Romania)

As you will see more and more as this blog gets bigger and stuffed with articles, the Romania Experience is a completely different experience compared to how things are in the rest...

Setting the First Monthly Budget, Romanian Style

Never in my life until now had I set a monthly budget. Usually, it was reckless spending (or not so reckless when the funds were not here) and checking the balance at...

A Romanian’s Quest to Improve His Net Worth to Western Standards

I never thought about the concept of putting a net worth over a person's head. Not until today (aka the day I started this blog) when I stumbled upon somebody's blog, a...

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