Cheap & Amazing Apartments for a Short Stay in Cluj, Romania

Cluj is one of the most popular destinations for people visiting Romania or retiring here.

It’s one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the country and its proximity to Hungary make it a great choice for those who would also like to travel.

In this article, though, we’re going to talk about those of you who are planning a short stay in Cluj and who want the comfort and extra space of an apartment over a regular hotel or hostel room.

If you are planning a longer stay in the city, I wrote a complete guide to Cluj, Romania – make sure to check it out if you need more info.

The prices are extremely low compared to hotel prices and other prices in Europe, so you will certainly find something of high quality that you will absolutely love.

I recommend using AirBnb for finding an apartment for your short stay in Cluj and if you don’t want to do the searches yourself, you can check out some amazing findings that I have hand picked for you below.

I have only selected entire apartmants below, but if you are not that picky, you can go for a private room or shared room that you can also find on AirBnb. If not, check out the great findings below:

ap.ART Central Cluj

short stay apartments cluj 01

This is an absolutely beautiful apartment situated in a central location. It’s unique, artsy and you’ll love it. If you see it, you’ll surely fall in love with it instantly! It’s around 32 Euros per night and worth every penny.

Charming flat in the historic city

short stay apartments cluj 02

A modern place that you will enjoy for sure. Except from being in a central location in Cluj, it also gives you access to a beautiful shared yard outside. It’s around 35 Euros per night and you can check it out on Airbnb.

Top location in center of Cluj

short stay apartments cluj 03

A huge place by Romanian standards and overall a beautiful, modern and bright flat in the city center of Cluj. It’s also one of the cheapest on the list, at just around 27 Euros per night. A great deal!

Green House

short stay apartments cluj 04

If you’re not a fan of apartment living, then you can rent your own house in Cluj for about 29 Euros per night.

Mozart Studio

short stay apartments cluj 05

Even though not as impressive as the others, this studio certainly does good to your wallet being the cheapest on our list, at around 21 Euros per night. It’s cosy and warm, just great for your short stay in Cluj.

These were my favorite, but you can surely find a lot more on AirBnb – just head over to their website, sign up (it’s free) and work your magic from there!

If you’re looking for longer stays, then monthly rent would be a lot lower than what you’d get for your short stays on a daily basis.

Check out this article for some examples of great properties you can rent in Romania and the amazing prices they’re available at.

If you are interested in short stay deals in Bucharest – you can also check out my recommendations.

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5 thoughts on “Cheap & Amazing Apartments for a Short Stay in Cluj, Romania”

  1. Wow! These are all really nice! My favorite is the second one l think. Maybe the first. I like the fact that they are central and close to Hungary too. I am really hoping to visit Romania this year. It’s totally beautiful!!! 🙂

  2. Bună Calin:
    Awww, looks like somebody likes AirBnB, eh;-) Maybe you should have put your apartment up on AirBnB while you’re on your train trip.
    All the accommodations pictured above (except “The Green House”) look most inviting. The Green House (at least on the outside) looks like a rustic work shed in the backyard so I would pass on that–just my humble opinion.
    So, are rates the same for everyone? I know in South America, the Americanos get the “gringo rate”–usually 2–3x more expensive. I can’t blame them, but not all gringos are flush with cash;-)
    Is it still 2020 for Lei to Euro? That’s scary, but if it’s most Romanian’s wish, then it should be.
    I just hope it doesn’t screw up everyone’s standard of living with prices spiking upward.
    Well, soon it will be train time. I will be most interested in your comparisons of the various railroad lines you use. I am a model RR geek;-)
    Distracţie plăcută

    • Hello Teil, I did find AirBnb recently and I am amazed by it, yes. Plus, it’s the only good option that I know of for cheaper short stay in the country. There’s not really a “gringo rate” per se – the prices on AirBnb are for everybody, no matter if you’re Romanian or not. They are pretty high by Romanian standards (since rents are a couple hundred Euros per month), but that’s how things are when short stays are involved.

      Last I heard, it wast 2019 when we were supposed to switch to Euro, but things can still change 🙂 And yes, I can’t wait to check out the various train lines and everything in our upcoming trip!


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