Can You Drink the Tap Water in Constanta, Romania? [Answered]

People throughout Romania generally drink water directly from the tap, and the same goes for those living in Constanta.

However, I want to get a bit more in depth today on this topic and tell you whether or not you should drink tap water in Constanta. I will sprinkle a bit of personal experience, after living in the city for nearly a year now.

Is Tap Water in Constanta Safe to Drink?

The short answer is yes, tap water in Constanta is safe to drink. The water here comes from various underground natural springs, but it is also treated before it reaches your home.

tap water in Constanta

Also, the quality of the tap water is tested regularly, to ensure that it is safe to drink.

Nobody in my family had any problems drinking the tap water in Constanta since moving here, but we’re always using an additional filtering can for the water (a Brita can).

For a general overview of drinking tap water in Romania, you can check out my general article on the matter.

IMPORTANT! I am talking here about the city of Constanta. Some smaller villages and towns might have tap water that could be unsafe to drink. I checked this report from 2020 (in Romanian language) where water tests found various bacteria, including E.coli in the tap water.

But this only happened in some of the smaller villages in the county, not in the city of Constanta itself.

Since the water sources differ in each region, there are no reasons to worry – but if you travel to the nearby villages, it’s best to opt for bottled water. Or fill a bottle from the tap in Constanta.

Where does the tap water in Constanta come from?

The tap water in Constanta comes from underground wells located within the city limits. The extracted water is then treated at the city’s water treatment plant before being distributed to residents and visitors.

what is in the tap water in Constanta

I personally appreciate the fact that the water comes from deep sources (between 120 – 1,000 meters) and it is treated with UV rays, unlike how it’s done throughout the country, where chlorine is used.

The problem with tap water in Constanta

While the tap water in Constanta is safe to drink, we choose to use additional filtration.

Apart from a small faucet filter (to keep away larger particles – there always seems to be plenty of sand in the water), we also add an extra layer of protection by filtering our water with a Brita can.

The problem with tap water in Constanta is the fact that the pipes used to send it to our homes are REALLY old. Some are 25+ years old, so rust and other metals will probably find their way into the water.

They are slowly replacing them throughout the city – there are always holes dug in the ground to replace the really old pipes and I looked at them (big mistake). They are old and rusty – and even the new ones they use seem to be rusty.

Also, some visitors may experience mild stomach discomfort when drinking tap water in Constanta, especially if they are not used to the local minerals and chemicals in the water.

Glass of Tap water

I repeat – we had no such problems and I found the water’s taste more pleasant than that in Drobeta Turnu Severin, my home town, Bucharest, or most of the places in Romania I have traveled to, probably because it doesn’t have that chlorine in it.

But if you want to play it 100% safe, the bottled water is a solid and still relatively cheap option in Constanta, although prices did go up a lot lately. You can take a look at the general prices in Romania to see what I mean.

Wrapping up

Tap water in Constanta is safe to drink and it is a viable and affordable option for those looking to stay hydrated during their stay in the city.

I would still recommend extra care and an extra layer of filtration, to remove at least the largest of particles (like rust and sand), but even without that, I don’t think you would be unsafe using the tap water here.

With these in mind, why not continue reading more fun stuff about Constanta, like the best restaurants in the city, or a list of the top things to do and see in Constanta during your stay in the area?

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