30 Reasons to Visit Romania (with Amazing Photos)

Romania is a beautiful country. Some Romanians joke by adding an extra statement to the previous one: “too bad it’s inhabited by Romanians”. But jokes aside, there are some really amazing places you could see if you decide to visit … Read more

These Are the Best Beaches in Romania

Best Beaches in Romania

You can check out all the best beaches in Romania in one day if you have a car and just rush from one to another. The amount of beaches that Romania offers is not that big, actually: only a relatively … Read more

Romanian Trains: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

Trains in Romania - featured image

As regular readers know, I am a fan of traveling by train and I probably use Romainian trains several times a year to get to my destination, usually on the route Timisoara – Bucharest (and back). I actually prefer trains … Read more

Top Things to Do in Targu Mures, Romania

Today’s article, in which we’re learning about all the things to do in Targu Mures, places to see and also best restaurants in the city, is brought to us by Cristina Mesesan, who lived there from 2011 until recently. So … Read more