15 Breathtaking Photos of Romania to Fall in Love with the Country

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, I have just a bit over 15,000 words to describe the beauty of Romania and the absolutely breathtaking views this country has to offer.

The even better news is that there are hundreds of thousands more words that can be shared, but I’ll let you discover those – or at least a part of those – by yourself. Because you will surely fall in love with Romania after checking out these photos.

Sometimes, I just feel like letting the images do the talking and I’ve done this in the past as well. It’s nice to just sit back and look at the beautiful things mother nature – sometimes with a bit of help from us – gifted us with. Romania is still raw, it still offers that unaltered beauty and it is, quite often, truly spectacular.

We’ve already found that out when I told you about the most beautiful monasteries in the country, when I shared 20 reasons why you will love the country, then 25 more.

But I always find extra reasons and more amazing stuff to share with you… so here I am, ready to share. These are 15 breathtaking photos that will make you fall in love with Romania if you haven’t done so already!

These photos do make you just take a step back and dreaming about being in each and every one of these places, right? Let’s hope that we will all be able to turn this dream into reality as soon as possible and visit all these places ASAP.

The beautiful streets of Sighisoara

Decebal’s statue near Orsova

Orsova is also really close to my home city, so if you decide to visit, don’t hesitate to let me know so that we can meet for a coffee and to get a few more recommendations for things to see in the area (at not cost, of course!)

The Ciucas Peak

Piatra Arsa

Moieciu de Sus

Garda de Sus

The road to raw nature in Casva

Lake Vidraru

Road near Sebes

Cluj Napoca

Balea Lake

Scattered houses in Suceava

Herastrau Lake, Bucharest

Mraconia Monastery near Orsova

Mountain view in Maramures

BONUS: Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras Severin

I’m sure you won’t mind an extra photo, right? Especially when we’re talking about the well known Bigar waterfall – check out the entire article about this amazing attraction in Romania.

These beautiful images are not mine (except for the last one). They are, however, released under a Creative Commons Zero license, meaning that anybody can use them and so I did, because sometimes it’s difficult to scour the internet and find them. Great share, I’d say, because more people deserve to see the beauty of Romania!

If you agree, don’t forget to let all your friends know about this article. Everybody deserves to know about the beauty of Romania!

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14 thoughts on “15 Breathtaking Photos of Romania to Fall in Love with the Country”

  1. Mighty purty Calin! Are people taking more pride by not littering so much? Are there anti-littering laws and are they enforced? Here in the USA, people seem to be littering more, unfortunately.
    Is Lake Vidraru man-made (result of a dam), or natural? Quite lovely either way. Does Piatra Arsa translate to Ass Mountain?;-) Did you know there’s a “fatty liver” video on your site??? I just loaded an ad blocker program, too–ha, ha! Nice pictures–thanks for sharing! ~Teil

      • Jim: I get a kick out of “Salina Turda,” too.;-)
        Yeah, I forgot Piatra was “rock,” as opposed to “mountain.”
        Either way, Romania is indeed picturesque, and the language colorful.
        ~Teil (USA)

  2. I will also have difficulties forgetting about Ass Mountain :)) It’s beautiful, though, just like Lake Vidraru which is the result of a dam being built nearby.

    People in Romania are definitely littering less than in the past, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. There are campaigns and NGOs go clean up these attractions, so things are getting a bit better.

  3. Hello to all of you friends,
    Yes, It’s been quite a long time, that I did not participate at any of your wonderful articles , due to Tough year starting on Middle of 2016 concerning my both parents ( MOM & DAD).
    Unfortunately, My mother infected with Cancer Disease and DAD Passed away.
    However I will keep an eye on those wonderful Articles and Pictures
    Finally, Wishing you all Good health .


  4. Hi Emad:
    That’s really sad for you losing both parents so close together. I can relate, as mine passed last year within months of each other. Always hoping they and your parents are in a better place!
    Best to you,
    ~Teil (USA)
    p.s. I agree, Calin does provide a great website for the Romania experience!

  5. Fantastic images! I love the statue of the face and Napoca. Makes me want to visit Romania even more. I have found there is a flight from Valencia to Craiova? Not sure how far that is from Bucharest as l have not researched it, but it’s good there is a direct flight. Now, for good pricing 🙂

    • Hello Kemkem,

      I am happy to hear that these images make you want to visit the country even more. Craiova is about 3 hours away from Bucharest by train, so it’s pretty close. It’s also about 2 cities away (in the opposite direction, unfortunately) from my city 😀 Craiova itself might be nice for a day as they have recently renovated the central area and looks really nice with bars and pubs and a pietonal area there. Or at least so it did two years ago when I visited, but I doubt everything got ruined in the mean time. It’s good to know, though, that there are more options for getting here now.

  6. Beautiful pics Calin! The truth is that Romania is such a beautiful country though, it’s really not hard to find beautiful pictures everywhere online! You can actually just go to “google images” and type “Romania” and many wonder pics pop up. Or go to YT and type in Romania where you can find many slideshows or aerial video footage of difference locations across the country. Here is just one you should check out just over three and half minutes, make sure to watch full screen on HD, aptly titled: “Romania, the most beautiful country in the world!”.


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