Romania Has a New President: Klaus Iohannis

On November 16th, the Romanians chose the country’s president for the next five years: Klaus Iohannis. And the results are pretty surprising and unexpected, judging from the results of the first round on November 2nd, when Iohannis’ main opponent and current Prime Minister Victor Ponta had a lead over him of almost 10 percent. And … Read more

My Versatile Blogger Award & 7 Random Facts about Me

I am very happy to report that Romania Experience has been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award – the first one ever for this blog! Basically an “award” that runs between bloggers who recommend other great blogs to their readers, it still means that you’re getting noticed out there and that people not only read, … Read more

Don’t Get Confused by the Romanian Currency: the Old Leu vs the New Leu

If you are planning a trip to Romania, you should be prepared for what I like to call the “currency confusion” here. Yes, even though we’re talking about the same currency used in Romania and we’re talking about Romanians who give you the numbers, things might end up extremely confusing. For example, a simple pretzel … Read more

A Cheap Apartment in Romania: This Is How Ours Looks Like

Last Friday we signed the papers and bought an apartment here in Romania, making one of my dreams come true: that of affording to buy a home for my family. Of course, I would’ve loved to have a house and not an apartment, but this is better than nothing and hopefully we’ll tick that dream … Read more

Buying an Apartment in Romania: We’re Doing It!

If you’re a regular reader here at Romania Experience, you know that Wife Romanian, Baby Romanian and I live together with my mother in her house. Although that’s not very uncommon here in Romania, I always felt the need to go away. One reason for that was this past winter when I realized that heating … Read more

So, I’m Not Moving to Malta after All…

The last month has been insane. I just realized that it’s been almost one month since my last article and I felt like I published it last week. The truth is that after losing a huge chunk of my income earlier this year I went into full frenzy working mode and I couldn’t take it. … Read more

One Year of Romania Experience: Plans for the Future

It was exactly one year ago when I launched Romania Experience, a blog where I wanted to write about my newly found passion, personal financing, as well as living in Romania and follow my quest to reach a net worth comparable to those in the richer Western countries. It was a blog that was launched … Read more

When Things Go Bad, Become a Digital Nomad!

I’ve decided, against all odds and common sense: this year we’ll give it try and test the waters to see how being a digital nomad feels like. We’ll start, sometime in August this year, to live for at least a couple of months in a different country here in Europe. Experience a new culture, see … Read more